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Reserve construction

Liaoning Fangda Group vigorously supports national defense construction, constantly improves the military quality of its reserve officers and soldiers and militia, and is ready to serve the motherland at any time under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. In accordance with laws and regulations and with the approval of military organs, its enterprises have established reserve companies and the Ministry of people's armed forces, carried out standardized construction as required, fully guaranteed the funds, materials, personnel and time of military training, and unconditionally recruited retired soldiers every year.

In May 2010, Fangda carbon established two companies of the reserve force. 184 employees of the enterprise were selected as reserve officers and soldiers and incorporated into the organizational system of the seventh company and the eighth company of the Third Battalion of the fourth regiment of the Gansu Army Reserve antiaircraft artillery division. The third battalion headquarters is located in the company. With the strong support of the company's leaders, the company has always adhered to the management and training of reserve personnel, The reserve work and enterprise work have been carried out correctly and promoted, and many emergency tasks have been completed excellently, making contributions to the cause of national defense.

Fangda special steel now has an emergency brigade directly under the reserve infantry division of Jiangxi army, which was established on April 9, 2011. It has a guard adjustment company, a wired electric company and a wireless electric platoon, with a staffing of 300 people. The main tasks are rescue and disaster relief, emergency stability maintenance and emergency treatment. Reserve officers and soldiers of the company have successfully completed rescue and disaster relief tasks for many times, and have been rated as an advanced company by the reserve infantry division of Jiangxi army for three consecutive years. In July 2020, they also participated in the flood fighting and rescue task of the dike break of the triangle Lianwei in Yongxiu County, Jiangxi Province, and transferred more than 100 affected people, which has been affirmed by military and local leaders and praised by the local people.

Jiujiang iron and steel has a company (i.e. bridge company) in the industrial barracks of Jiangxi Army Reserve infantry division. In May 2014, it was established with the approval of Jiangxi military region and Jiangxi Army Reserve infantry division. The inaugural meeting was held at Jiujiang iron and steel on May 13, 2014. The bridge company has a company headquarters, two platoons and a cooking team, with a total of 66 people. Combined with the characteristics of various water systems and heavy flood control tasks in Jiujiang area, a 104 person boat emergency unit has been established on the basis of the bridge company, which is mainly responsible for the mobile support tasks of the transit forces in wartime and the water rescue tasks of flood fighting and rescue in peacetime, and has successfully completed the flood fighting and rescue tasks for many times. Jiujiang iron and steel also established the only people's Armed Forces Department of non-public enterprises in Jiangxi Province, won the "advanced grass-roots Armed Forces Department" of Jiangxi Province, and became the benchmark of the people's Armed Forces Department of non-public enterprises in Jiangxi Province.

In June 2013, Ping'an iron and steel officially applied for the preparation of the reserve emergency unit. On September 29, 2014, the reserve emergency unit was officially established. Ping'an iron and steel reserve emergency unit has been developed so far. At present, there are two formed companies, including guard reconnaissance company and 85 cannon company. Each company has one company headquarters and three platoons, with a total of 160 people in preparation.

combat a flood and go to the rescue hurriedly

Liaoning Fangda group has always adhered to the enterprise policy of "listening to the party and following the party", and has long adhered to the concept of making due contributions to the party, the country and the people. In the summer of 2020, the Yangtze River Basin entered the main flood season. Affected by continuous heavy rainfall, the water level of Poyang Lake soared, and important rivers and lakes in the province entered the warning water level. Flood control and flood fighting has reached a key stage. Jiujiang iron and steel, Fangda special steel, Ping'an iron and steel and other enterprises have quickly formed Fangda reserve flood control emergency rescue teams for many times, under the unified deployment of superior departments, Participate in the emergency rescue tasks such as dam reinforcement in the Hukou section of the Yangtze River, water rescue for the dike break of the triangle United dike in Yongxiu County, and waterlogging prevention and control in the plant area. The enterprise organized the militia team to take the initiative to assume the social responsibility for flood control and flood fighting. All personnel listened to the command and obey the order in the rescue, were not afraid of hardship and fatigue, fought on the front line day and night, urgently strengthened 2300 meters of dikes and dams, and transferred more than 100 affected people, which has been affirmed by the leaders of superior departments for many times. In July 2020, he Weidong, commander of the eastern theater, won high praise.