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Carbon Sector
Carbon Sector is one of the main business sectors of Liaoning Fangda Group. At present, Liaoning Fangda Group has an annual capacity of 330000 tons of Carbon Sector products, 204000 tons of raw materials and 300000 tons of tar. It is not only the world's leading production and supply base of high-quality Carbon Section products, but also an important production base of new long-life blast furnace carbon blocks and nuclear graphite in China. On December 21, 2020, the commissioning ceremony of the 100000 ton ultra-high power graphite electrode project of Baofang carbon materials was grandly held, marking a solid step forward in the strong alliance between China Baowu Group and Liaoning Fangda Group, and fruitful results in the reform of mixed ownership and integrated development of the two sides. So far, the production scale of Carbon Section products in the Carbon Section sector of Liaoning Fangda Group has achieved the world's largest grand goal.

The annual comprehensive production capacity reaches 330000 tons and the raw material production capacity is 204000 tons.

  • Ultra high power, regular power graphite electrode;
  • Ultra microporous, microporous, graphite, semi graphite and high thermal conductivity ultra microporous carbon bricks for blast furnace, ordinary cathode and large section semi graphite cathode for aluminum, graphitized cathode and graphite anode for magnesium electrolysis, as well as lined carbon blocks and high-grade carbon paste for various submerged arc furnaces;
  • New carbon materials such as special graphite products (isostatic pressure graphite, aerospace special anti ablation graphite), carbon and graphite materials for nuclear power (carbon reactor internals of high temperature gas cooled reactor), biochar products, cathode materials for lithium ion batteries, carbon felt and carbon / carbon composites;
  • Main raw materials for the production of carbon products such as coal series needle coke and low sulfur calcined petroleum coke; A number of products were initiated in China and broke the monopoly of foreign enterprises. The products are widely used in metallurgy, new energy, chemical industry, machinery, medical treatment, biology and other industries and high-tech fields. They sell well in more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, and are exported to more than 60 countries and regions on five continents in the world.
Fangda Carbon has won 12 national silver awards, 22 high-quality product awards of the Ministry of metallurgy and 3 provincial excellent product awards.

Liaoning Fangda Group always adheres to scientific and technological innovation as the guide in the development of carbon industry, and maintains a leading position in the R&D and production of new carbon materials such as nuclear graphite and biochar in China. In March 2011, Fangda Carbon officially obtained the manufacturing license for civil nuclear safety machinery and equipment issued by the national nuclear safety administration, becoming the only domestic enterprise with civil nuclear grade carbon graphite material production qualification, breaking the situation of relying on imports for high temperature gas cooled reactors.In February 2013, Fangda Carbon and the Institute of nuclear energy and new energy technology of Tsinghua University jointly established the nuclear graphite research center, and set up an R&D and production base in Chengdu to build a world-class nuclear graphite R&D and production base.On August 30, 2019, Fangda Carbon and Lanzhou University held the unveiling of graphene Research Institute and the signing ceremony of industry university research cooperation, fully opening the R&D and production of graphene and other new materials. At the China International High Tech fair, The new product graphene composite functional non-woven fabric and carbon reactor internals of high temperature gas cooled reactor of Fangda Carbon won the "excellent product award".


Business Department of Carbon Sector: office and sales department

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Address: No. 11, Tansu Road, Haishiwan Town, Honggu District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province