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HNA Aviation
Held by Liaoning Fangda Group, HNA Aviation Group operates a full spectrum of business models including passenger, cargo, general aviation, subsidiaries related to airlines business. There are 23 affiliated airline carriers which hold majority equity or participate equity. HNA Aviation Group has become the 4th largest airline group of China. HNA Aviation Group comprehensively promotes the enterprise culture of "Party building as the soul" of Liaoning Fangda Group, actively practices the enterprise values of “Operating enterprises must be beneficial to the nation, enterprises, employees and passengers.”. It commits to building a world-class airline with first-class safety, service and profit performance, boosting to build China into a civil aviation power in the new era and pursuing a happy and prosperous life together.
HNA Technic firstly applied 5G+AR technology to the aviation maintenance field and provides over 100 domestic and overseas aviation companies with efficient and one-stop comprehensive aviation maintenance services.

HNA Aviation Group Business Organization:Committee of Commerce Telephone:0898-69965014 Mail:swjyglbgs@hnair.com Address:HNA Plaza, No.7 Guoxing Road, Haikou, Hainan Province, China
The operation bases of HNA Aviation Group spread over the country’s leading first and second tier cities and major tourist destinations. It has established core bases in the form of two main bases (Beijing- Tianjin region and Hainan market) and two wing bases (Guangzhou-Shenzhen region + Chengdu-Chongqing region). In addition, it has set up base operations in such hub cities as Shanghai, Xi’an, Kunming, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou and Urumqi. HNA Aviation Group owns and operates a large fleet of more than 800 aircraft. The total number of commercial routes is close to 2000 and the accumulated safety-record flight hours exceed 19 million. Its full-service brand Hainan Airlines has been awarded SKYTRAX 5-Star Rating for the eleventh consecutive year and has maintained the world’s Best Airline for its high-quality products and services, making it the only airline in China’s Mainland selected for this award. Deer Jet is the leader and pioneer in Chinese business aviation industry, managing and operating a diverse fleet of more than 60 aircrafts, the largest managed business jet fleet in Asia Pacific.