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Guarantee employment
Liaoning Fangda group always adheres to the enterprise value of "operating enterprises must be beneficial to the nation, enterprises and employees", always maintains a steady pace of development, expands the industrial scale, creates a large number of jobs for the society and ensures that employees live and work in peace and contentment. In 2015, when the industry economy continued to decline, the group adhered to the "three no reductions", that is, no reduction of one employee, no reduction of one penny's salary and no reduction of one penny's welfare benefits. In 2016, Ping'an iron and Steel's de production capacity brought 2370 surplus posts, and the enterprise did not promote an employee to the society. In 2017, the group's subordinate enterprises recruited talents for the society, of which only 277 were veterans. In 2021, red envelopes will be issued to employees before the Spring Festival to ensure that employees will not be affected by the epidemic and their income and welfare will not be reduced.
Total employees of the group
Total recruitment of veterans
Recruitment of fresh graduates